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Moving O2JAM INT Server 4/1/2016

Moving Servers From Houston, TX to San Francisco, CA My plan is to move the server from Texas to California, but…. the thing about SF Servers that they are really expensive, they are fast from node to node, but cost

O2Jam INT Updates

Interface Update: New Loading Screen New Login Screen Next Update will be the Server Selection: Here’s the beta update

O2JAM INT New Client

O2JAM INT New Client Released Download now!!!! New Launcher Default Client *you can do speed modifier*

O2Jam Client Update 3/2/2016

Hello world!

Gunz Int Update 2/26/2016

Gunz website will be moved to new url from to any content from will be transferred to the new url O2JAM website will have 2 domains, First is PH based which is O2JAM.COM.PH and the other one

O2Jam INT Update

Server Side 2/17/2016: Update Pages Translations  Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Launcher Update 2/17/2016 Fixed White Screen Updated Launcher Information